Do This in Memory of Me Programme

Do This In Memory

 is a parish-based pre-sacramental programme designed to help children, parents/guardians and the wider parish community prepare for First Eucharist.

What is Do This In Memory?

Do This In Memory is a parish based programme of preparation for First Communion centred in the parish celebration of the Sunday Eucharist and in the home.

The programme resources are designed to facilitate parents/guardians, families and the parishes’ active involvement in the preparation for the sacrament. It complements and supports the work of sacramental preparation in the parish school or the religious education programme in the parish.

The programme takes place once a month for eight months before First Eucharist and concludes during the parish celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

The parents/guardians and families of those preparing for First Eucharist are invited to participate in this Mass. A group of parents/guardians meet once a month to plan and coordinate the next Sunday of the programme.

THUMB: That’s His/Her Useful Mass Book

This book provides material which helps parents and children engage with the programme before, during and after Mass.

THUMB contains the following:

An Introduction to Do This in Memory

including a Guide for Parents that suggests ways they might use the programme most effectively.


This exploration of the Mass is led by two cartoon characters, Kath and Qumen, who are also preparing for their First Eucharist. Through questions, observations and comments they help the children and their parents learn more about the Sunday Celebration.


This section contains all the prayers and responses of the Mass. It will help parents and children to participate more fully in the celebration of the Eucharist. This year the responses and prayers have changed to reflect the introduction of the New Roman Missal in September 2011.


The final section of THUMB contains nine activity sheets to be completed at home after each Sunday of the programme.


There are eight Grapevine Newsletters which are distributed to the children (and their families) preparing for First Eucharist during the week after each Do This In Memory Mass in preparation for the next one.

Together with THUMB, the Grapevine helps parents to engage more fully with the programme at home. It includes the text for the Gospel of the next Sunday of the programme, suggestions for family prayer and the creation of a Family Prayer Space.


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