Re-opening of our Churches


(A)          St Cronan’s Church  will reopen for public Mass on Friday next July 10th.  Mass will be celebrated on  Fridays at 7.30 pm, Saturdays 8 pm, Sundays 11 am and Mondays at 10 am. Those who usually attend Mass in Belcarra are encouraged to attend on Fridays/Saturdays and those who usually attend in Balla on Sundays/Mondays

(B)          The Sunday obligation is dispensed with for the moment. People who are free  are asked to attend on Fridays and Mondays. This should help to balance the numbers between all four Masses.

(C)          Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers, Ushers and Cleaners from Belcarra church area will minister on Friday/Saturday and on Sunday/Monday these will come from Balla church area. A seat is reserved at the front of the church for the Reader, & the Minister of Eucharist.

(D)          Older people and those with underlying health issues are asked not to attend Mass for another while.  It can be arranged that a family member will bring them Holy Communion. Those with any symptoms of Covid-19 or who within the last 14 days has been in the company of anyone with Covid-19, should not attend. Mass from St Cronan’s church can be viewed on at the above times

(E)         Until July 20th only 50 people can gather for Mass. This includes priest, ushers, musicians, reader and Ministers of the Eucharist. This means that only 40 people canbe admitted. Therefore many who might wish to attend will be disappointed. We ask for your understanding in this regard  but we must  adhere to Government and H.S.E. regulations.

(F)           When the church is full a sign will be placed at the gate which will save people queuing unnecessarily.

(G)        When people arrive they will be asked to respect social distancing and to sanitise their hands. Once a person enters the church they will be shown to a seat – starting at the top. (It may not be the seat that they usually use).

(H)        Everyone is asked to remain seated during Mass.

(I)         Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass. Ushers will invite people to leave their seats row by row.

(J)          As people leave the church they are asked to make their way reverently to their cars and to respect social distancing.

(K)        The church will be sanitised  after each Mass.

Please note:  Parking will not be allowed in the church grounds. Everyone is asked to enter by the main gate. The entrance to the Parochial House will be closed off.

STEWARDS /USHERS: Thanks to all who have volunteered for these important roles. More are needed from all areas of the parish but particularly from Balla. The more we have the less anyone has to do. Please give it careful consideration and contact Fr Denis or any member of the Pastoral Council.

CLEANING: Thanks to all who have volunteered for  this role.  More are welcome. As we have sourced a sanitising machine the work of cleaning will be greatly reduced.  If you would like to help out please contact Fr Denis or any Pastoral Council member.

RETURN TO WORK PROTOCOL: All who have volunteered  are asked to fill out the Return to Work Protocol Form on the Parish Website here.  You will find it on the Covid-19 section.

BAPTISMS: can now take place. with restrictions in place. The current advice is that only immediate family will attend.

CONFIRMATION will take place on August 19th. Unfortunately until Government confirm how many can gather in church in August we can not state how many ceremonies we will need or what times they will

FIRST COMMUNION will take place on Saturdays beginning by mid  September. I would hope to announce exact dates within the next few weeks.

PRIESTS’ SUMMER COLLECTION Many thanks to all who have contributed to the Collection over the past week. Your ongoing support and generosity in these difficult times is much appreciated.