Plans for childcare Facility Upgrade in Balla

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Fully resourced Childcare Facilities have been identified as a critical need within the community.

We have a top-class National School and an excellent Secondary School in Balla.

We also have a small preschool operating presently in Balla but accommodation is limited to 22 children and it is estimated that demand could be double that number by next September.

The Management Committee of Balla CRD has now decided that ‘state of the art’ childcare facilities will be available in  Balla Community Resource Centre from September next to accommodate up to 60 children in playschool and they are also very committed to the establishment of an after-school care facility.

We are really excited about this plan to upgrade the facility and we know it will be of immense benefit to the town of Balla and the wider community for many years to come.

Please see plans for the facility belowChildcare_Plans.

Construction is due to begin in the next few weeks.


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