Further email from Sr Mary O’M re Christmas Crib Donations

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Dear Fr Carney and all of Balla/ Belcarra

Your most generous giving and a cheque of Euro 3,164.00 reached me yesterday, I cannot express my gratitude fully as demands are heavy on all at Christmas.  I join with all of you in prayer that the good Lord may be close to each one in whatever way you need it most  and may God Bless you abundantly in this New Year.

In the Linkedin I received today, I see that the new Archbishop of Cashel and Emily  urges people to “open their eyes to the possibility of human  …..”  A donation such as yours will go a long way to assisting some victims, preventing others going and create general Awareness of this new form of slavery in our midst, especially in Kenya.  No words can describe how rampant it is here and the multiple ways people are sucked into it without being aware of what is happening to them.

Story 1.  Just before Christmas, I assisted a 25 year old woman to see a Clinical Psychologist, she came back from Saudi 5th December.  She only knew her name was Joyce but here people have middle and last names and she did not know these at all.  I facilitated her travel to her rural home with her aunt.  Both her parents were killed in a road accident in August 2012.  So, please keep her in your prayers too, she has a lot of trauma to deal with in her young life.

Story 2.  In June last year, I assisted a young mother of two to find refuge after she climbed down/ to escape from a ‘holding house’ about to be trafficked in a few days to Saudi.   George and I reported it to police and they raided the ‘house’ 3 weeks later when the ‘fuss had died down’    Next day I assisted Anna to return to her rural home 3 kms from the Ugandan border.

A very favorable upshot of that was on 5th February, 2015,  the OCS  (top rank) invited the whole station of 25 officers to attend a 2 hour interactive session on ‘Awareness of HT’ (given by George and I).  Plus he also opened it to the Local Administration of the District Officer who came with 14 Chiefs and 28 sub-chiefs + others in an area the size almost of Co. Mayo.

Every good wish and Blessings.

Mary O’ Malley, MMM

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